Northern Cyprus Travel Guide

Discover Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is a sparkling gem in the Mediterranean Sea, located 40 miles from the coast of Turkey, 60 miles from the coast of Syria and 250 miles north of Egypt.  As a holiday destination it has grown in popularity as travellers searching for less overcrowded tourist spots have discovered the beauty of its coastlines and the friendliness of its people.  Thankfully for the island itself, North Cyprus has yet to be overtaken by the kind of mass tourism that is found on the south of the island and other Mediterranean hot spots, such as Ibiza and Majorca.  However, North Cyprus is by no means remote and there are regular flights, some top class hotels, lively resorts and a strong transport system.  In short, it currently has the perfect balance between unspoilt and touristy, making this a great time to discover Northern Cyprus.


One of the reasons North Cyprus is such a popular destination with tourists is the fabulous weather.  Mild winters and hot summers make it an attractive option for those travelling from less dependable climates and a pretty safe bet for a holiday in the sun.  Summer generally starts in May when temperatures begin to climb above 25 degrees and in July when the heat peaks, highs can reach a melting 40 degrees.  Temperatures at night tend to drop to around 21 degrees, even in summer, so tourists usually have no problem sleeping.  Around November, the heat begins to fade, although rarely below 16 degrees.


Whatever type of holiday you happen to be looking for, you will find it in North Cyprus.  Beach bunnies will be over the moon with the breathtaking stretches of golden sand and there are a number of beaches that easily rival the Caribbean, such as Nagomi beach, which is said to be the best on the entire island.  If you are a fan of nature then North Cyprus has lots to offer with opportunities to watch turtles lay and hatch their eggs on the beaches during the April – October egging season and wild donkeys to meet on the Karpas peninsula.  If you like water sports then these are plentiful too, with jet skiing, banana boating and canoeing available from many of the beaches along the coast, and a number of scuba diving centres where you can obtain a scuba certificate or simply enjoy a dive around a wreck or a reef.

Eating and Drinking

Eating out is one of the biggest pleasures of a holiday to North Cyprus as the local Turkish Cypriot cuisine offers a mouthwatering range of dishes for visitors to try.  Meze is a popular choice here, particularly at lunchtime when the weather is hot, or as an appetizer in the evenings, and lots of lamb, goat and pork is eaten with plenty of cumin, as well as the local, waxy potatoes.  Deserts are to die for with baklava, honeyed donuts and local rice pudding to tickle your tastebuds, as well as fresh and marinated fruits.  Try a local brandy sour on a night out – a combination of brandy with bitters and lemon squash – or sample one of the local wines or a Raki, the Turkish version of Pernod.


If you are looking for a raucous 24 hour party destination then you may be better off aiming for the south of Cyprus than the north.  Having said this, North Cyprus has a health sprinkling of clubs and bars, particularly in towns like Kyrenia, Famagusta and Nicosia.  Establishments like Escape Beach Club in Kyrenia are modeled on the Ibizan beach bar experience and are a great option for a chilled out drink late into the night.  For a serious night of clubbing there are options such as Roxanne’s at The Rocks hotel, The Cherenis Gardens and Nightpark, all in Kyrenia.

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