Northern Cyprus Hotels

Hotels in Northern Cyprus

As a busy and popular tourist destination, there are a wide range of options when it comes to choosing hotels in Northern Cyprus.  Whether you like your holiday accommodation big or boutique, you will find there are plenty of establishments to choose from.  Hotels in North Cyprus tend to be concentrated around the main tourist areas – Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta, as well as locations such as Iskele and Güzelyurt.  There are also a small number of boutique establishments, as well as specialist hotels like the Korinium Golf & Country Club.

Kyrenia Hotels

Kyrenia is a popular destination for those traveling to Northern Cyprus, both because of its proximity to so many fabulous beaches and because of the town itself, which is bursting with history and has a wonderful seafront and harbour and plenty of nightlife.  Hotels here run the gamut from clean and comfortable 3 star accommodation to glamorous 5 star options.  Hotel Club Z offers travelers on a budget conveniently placed accommodation that is only 5 minutes walk from Kyrenia harbour.  At the other end of the scale, the Cratos Premium Hotel has a spa, casino and a range of restaurants and bars.  For something mid range, The Dome hotel is located in the heart of the town.

Famagusta Hotels

Famagusta is another very popular tourist spot, mostly because of the beaches in the vicinity.  This is the perfect place for sun worshippers to stay, as well as those who intend to spend most of their time in the water. Nagomi Beach near the town is widely considered to be the best on the island.  In terms of accommodation in Famagusta, there is plenty of choice.  Arkin Palm Beach Hotel is located within the city center of Famagusta, whereas the Kaya Artemis Resort and Casino is one of the largest hotels on the island and has a casino and a range of facilities, including its own on site entertainment.
Nicosia Hotels

Nicosia is the capital of North Cyprus and an excellent location for those who are looking for historical architecture, as there are some fine Gothic and Ottoman examples here.  Many of the hotels in Nicosia cater for business travellers, which tends to guarantee a certain level of décor and amenities, as well as some great deals on price.  The Golden Tulip Hotel is within easy reach of the sights of the city and has five restaurants and a casino.  The Cyprus Hilton describes itself as Cyprus’ only 5 star hotel and has a pretty impressive range of facilities, including indoor and outdoor pools and several bars and restaurants.

Iskele and Güzelyurt Hotels

Although they are perhaps a little less well known, Iskele and Güzelyurt are still very popular with tourists traveling to North Cyprus.  Both are more low-key options and offer a true Cypriot experience.  Iskele is located along the coast from Famagusta and is famous for its wild donkeys, whilst Guzelyurt is a haven of shady citrus groves and underground springs.  The Karballa Hotel in Guzelyurt is built into a 19th Century monastery and has some fantastic views and near Iskele, the Theresa Hotel has a breathtaking outlook over the Karpas Peninsular.

Boutique and Specialized Hotels

Although North Cyprus does not yet have the same range of boutique accommodation as some of the more developed Mediterranean resorts, there are still some fantastic options here.  The Hideaway Club in Kyrenia is one of the area’s best boutique establishments and has a fabulous pool with breathtaking views, modern accommodation and its own poolside restaurant.  The Korinium Golf & Country Club is one of the island’s only specialised hotels and sits right next to North Cyprus’ first ever 18 hole golf course.  It is of course the perfect option for golfing fans and also has an on site spa and a range of drinking and dining options.

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