Northern Cyprus Beaches

Northern Cyprus beaches

North Cyprus has an extensive coastline and most of it is much more unspoiled than that of the more touristy southern Cyprus, where resorts like Paphos and Limmassol have become heavily populated with hotels.  There are beaches of all sorts in Northern Cyprus, from great swimming beaches, to large sandy beaches complete with lots of cafes and beach bars, as well as more remote, peaceful spots where you can get away from it all and spend an afternoon just listening to the sound of the sea.


Famagusta Beaches

Some of the most famous beaches in the north are located in and around Famagusta and these are widely acknowledged as some of the best on the entire island.  Silver Beach is located close to the Salamis ruins and the centre of Famagusta and is known for its calm seas, which makes it the perfect spot for families.  It is also a great place for swimming and sunbathing and the city’s old submerged harbour makes for some interesting snorkelling.  Nagomi Beach is reputedly the best beach on the island, situated on the Karpas Peninsula near Famagusta.  A crescent shaped beach covered in light, golden sand, Nagomi is a real paradise location for a day by the sea.  Glapsides Beach is north of Famagusta and one of the most popular sunbathing spots on the island, especially with young locals and tourists looking for a party.


Karpas Beaches

A short drive from Famagusta are the beaches near Karpas, which are usually pretty unspoiled and will suit anyone looking to get away from the more highly populated areas during high season.  Golden Sands is a 5-mile stretch of beach that is almost untouched and lined with awe-inspiring sand dunes.  It is also used by turtles during nesting season so it is an important conservation spot.  Malibu Beach is a great place for swimming as the waters are clear and there are also facilities like a beach bar and toilets.  Karpas Beach itself has a rustic beauty with rocky bays and waves that make for an exciting swimming experience for strong swimmers.


Kyrenia Beaches

There are some stunning beaches within the vicinity of Kyrenia and most have excellent swimming and snorkeling facilities.  Acapulco Beach is probably the one exception, as there does tend to be an undertow here, which can be dangerous for kids – although this does make it a great spot for windsurfing.  Escape Beach is another contender for the best beach in Cyprus, with its golden sands and clear seas, on which you can enjoy a range of water sports, including jet skiing, diving and banana boating. Alagadi Beach, east of Kyrenia, has shallow water that makes it perfect for swimming and is also known as ‘turtle beach’ as this is another spot where many of the loggerhead turtles that come to visit the island will lay their eggs.  If you like mountain views from your beach lounger then you need only turn away from the sea at Alagadi for magnificent views of the Five Finger Mountains.  West of Kyrenia, Altinkaya beach is a great bathing spot and offers the opportunity for some adventure with Golden Rock, a tiny rocky island that you can wade out to.

Wherever you choose to stay on the coast of Northern Cyprus you will find that you have a wide choice of excellent beaches, offering everything you could possibly want for a sun filled, fun filled holiday.  The only problem you may have is how to choose between them!

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