North Cyprus Travel Guide

North Cyprus is becoming increasingly known for its emphasis on special interest tourism, as its landscape, history and culture combine to make it a “must experience” attraction for tourists that are interested in nature and adventure.

Cyprus has significant potential for ecologically-based and special interest tourism, as it is home to numreous indigenous flora and fauna, such as sea turtles, wild donkeys, migrating brids, and rare plants/flowers. North Cyprus is the Mediterranean’s last remaining sanctuary of unspoilt beauty.

The island’s flourishing flora is the result of its Mediterranean Climate. There are nearly 1,900 varieties of flowering plants in North Cyprus, of which 19 of them are found nowhere else in the world.There are only a few places in the world where this kind of diversity can be found in such a small area.

Because each season brings a plethora of flora and fauna, North Cyprus is a prime location for travellers interested in activities such as hiking, bird watching, diving, cycling, photography, and paragliding.

The Besparmak ( Five Finger ) Mountains ,which streches for 177 kilometers, is home to , many varieties of wildflowers, including some endemic species, and they offer a number of opportunities for walking, hiking, bird watching and photography.

North Cyprus is a wonderland of nature, offering miles of deserted beaches, which form the nesting place of the rare loggerhead and green turtles. It is a stunning natural landscape that is home to rare species of plants,carob and olive trees and wildlife and it is dotted with villages where the rhytms of daily life have been unchanged for centuries.

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