North Cyprus Destination Guide

Northern Cyprus is fast becoming an ideal year round destination. The superb coastline combines natural unspoilt beauty with romance, legends and thousands of years of history blessed with seemingly endless sunshine, it enjoys one of the mildest and healthiest climates in the world. With an average of six hours winter sunshine, temperatures often in the seventies and warm sea temperatures make this an ideal winter destination. Choose from a range of hotels. Many of the hotels have winter facilities that include indoor swimming pools, Turkish baths and Spa facilities.

The two main resorts, Kyrenia (Girne) and Famagusta (Gazimagusa) have a historic past, but with different characters. Kyrenia is the most popular, still with a British atmosphere which has been retained since the old Colonial days, whilst Famagusta feels to be much less developed, with an oriental flavour. From either area there are miles of beautiful coastline to explore, with sun-kissed beaches and warm golden sands, ruined castles and ancient Neolithic sites, towering mountains and sleepy villages. At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, where many different civilisations have left their influence over thousands of years, Cyprus is a treasure trove for anyone interested in history, a mystic land of Gods and Goddesses.

The age of commercialism, mass tourism and wild nightlife in Northern Cyprus is still unknown, but simpler pleasures such as an excellent choice of restaurants, tavernas and bistros, where cuisine ranges from traditional Cypriot with Turkish influence to gourmet international dishes, are delightful. Prices and costs of eating and shopping will give you a pleasant surprise.

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