Mediterranean Adventure

With an abundance of sandy beaches and spectacular coastline that stretches  for hundreds of miles , North Cyprus is the perfect year-round playground for those who love the sea.

Swimming is safe and exhilarating. Shimmering waters that rarely drop below 17ºC make snorkelling a pleasure. With one of the longest diving seasons from April through to the end of December, North Cyprus is a premier diving destination in the Mediterranean, with exceptional visibility of up to 30 meters underwater. Top dive centres offer a variety of dive packs and courses ranging from shallow calm reefs to the more exciting caverns, walls drop offs and caves. It is suitable for amateur adults as well as professionals as you guided by trained staff and given quality equipment.

For those who prefer to be on the water rather than in it, sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing are widely available, along with parasailing and jet skiing.

Following an active day in the sea, you can enjoy a relaxing Turkish bath in any of the various local spas found along the coast in all the top hotels. In the spring you can enjoy watching local yacht races.

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