Flights to North Cyprus

Flights to Northern Cyprus

Whilst Northern Cyprus used to be a little off the beaten track, and less accessible than other more traditional tourist spots, in recent years its popularity as a holiday destination has grown.  As a result, it is now as easy to travel to locations in North Cyprus as to any other Mediterranean holiday resort.  Flights to the northern half of the island land only in one place – Ercan, which is around 35km from Kyrenia, close to the town of Nicosia.  From there you are a short 40 minute drive from most of the major holiday resorts on the northern part of the island.

Where can I fly to Northern Cyprus from?

There are flights to Northern Cyprus from most international airports in the UK, including London Heathrow, Stanstead, Birmingham and Manchester.  More than 90 flights a week arrive at Ercan during the peak summer months so it is a pretty popular and easy place to get to.

Which airlines fly to North Cyprus?

There are several airlines that fly to Ercan in North Cyprus. Pegasus Airlines is the main airline for those travelling to North Cyprus and is a popular choice with UK holidaymakers as the flights leave from London Stanstead.  Turkey’s national carrier – Turkish Airlines – also flies to Ercan from Turkey, as does Onur Air, which is a charter service that operates during the summer.

Are the flights direct?

Due to political reasons, flights to North Cyprus are not direct from anywhere other than Turkey.  However, this doesn’t mean that a journey to the north of the island has to be an extended hassle.  Usually, a flight from somewhere like the UK will make a short stop over in Turkey  – around 40 minutes – before taking off for Ercan.  Passengers usually remain on the plane during the stopover and it is a very easy process. Most flights to North Cyprus will make their stop off in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana or Antalya.

How much are flights to North Cyprus?

As with all flights abroad, it very much depends on the season and during peak holiday times you can expect to pay considerably more than during the winter months.  If you’re looking to travel out of peak season there are some great deals around – sometimes from as little as £60 per person – but during the summer months you can expect flights to be more upwards of £150 -200.

Is it east to fly to Larnaca and travel north?

Many visitors to North Cyprus do opt to take a flight to Larnaca in the south of the island and then make the journey up to the north by car or bus.  Be careful when you are booking your trip as many travel companies that offer ‘cheap flights’ to North Cyprus are actually offering a flight to southern Cyprus and then a drive north – which can be a bad start to your holiday if you’re not expecting it!  The transfer time from north to south is around an hour and 20 minutes and there is a border to cross where you will need a passport and visa forms (which are supplied).  You can get a taxi from the airport at Larnaca and it will cost around £50 to make the drive north to somewhere like Kyrenia.

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