Famagusta (Gazimagusa) Northern Cyprus

The Famagusta region, located on the east coast of the island; boasts beautiful sandy beaches along its shoreline all the way down to the little fishing port of Bogaz, and is a great place for holiday makers with sights to see at both the Salamis Ruins and in the old town of Famagusta.

The old town of Famagusta sits within crumbling Venetian walls and is very much an outdoor museum of ruins and history, said to be a partial setting of the tale of Othello by William Shakespeare.  There is also a small indoor museum displaying Ottoman weaponry, pottery and other items of interest, with many of the 100,000 cannonballs claimed to be fired into the town by the Ottomans still scattered about the town.

Within the city walls (Kaleici), originally fortified by the Luisgnans and built upon by the Venetians during 1400, much of the area has been pedestrianised and is full of cafes and shops selling trinkets, jewellery, souvenirs and traditional Turkish foods.

The city is centred around a main square, the eastern side of which hosts the impressive Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque (originally St. Nicholas Cathedral).   This gothic style building is the largest and best-preserved Lusignan building in Famagusta, and is open for prayer to the public.

Other sights of interest within Kaleici, is the Sinan Pasa Camii, the Venetian governors palace and Othello’s Tower.

Famagusta is also has its own university, and can be found in the new town along with many cafes, bars, restaurants and shops along the main road which leads down towards Salamis and the road to the Karpaz peninsula.

The Salamis ruins are the islands most prominent archaeological site, and many hours can be spent in this ancient city observing the mainly Roman and Byzantine ruins.

The site so it is said, was originally founded in 12th Century B.C. by the Trojan war hero Teucer, who was exiled from the Greek island of Salamis by his father, King Telamon.  It houses the ruins of a 15,000 capacity amphitheatre, gymnasium and baths over almost 1km from the entrance to the ancient harbour and is well worth visiting if you are in the Famagusta region

Aside from the historical sites of the old town and Salamis ruins, Famagusta is also home to the Monastery of Apostolos Varnavas and the Bronze Age town of Enkomi-Alasia, making the region one that is full of sites from days gone by.

You will find hotels and restaurants along the sandy coastline leading up to the nape of the Karpaz Peninsula, and many clean beautiful beaches offering water sports and the chance to snorkel.

Famagusta is located approximately 35-40 minutes from Ercan Airport, making it an ideal destination for your holiday.

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