North Cyprus History

Those who have visited Northern Cyprus or North Cyprus as it is also known by before will remember an island of golden beaches, hidden cove’s endless sunshine picturesque harbour, mountains, forests, ancient ruins and castles but most of all is the warm friendly hospitality of the turkish Cypriot people that you will never forget. Archaeological excavations show settlements of Neolithic Tribes from 7000 BC, which originated from Anatolia and Mesopotamia . These early settlers established small communities along the coast . Although they used stone vessels they were able to farm and domesticate animals. A new wave of settlers who came after 6000 BC brought Pottery skills. The two sites excavated from this age are at Vrysi in the north , 8 miles east of Kyrenia , and Khirokitia half way between Limassol and Nicosia which now remains on the south of the border. Finds from these sites indicate a life of farming ,fishing , raising animals and weaving wool.From 2000 BC onwards (in the late bronze age) the Island’s strategic location for trade and defence and its copper resources , drew neighbouring powers to dominate Cyprus one after the other, to the present day. This has brought Cyprus a mosaic of cultural influences and made the island a treasure chest of Ancient Ruins , Medieval Castles , Abbeys, Amphitheatres and Monuments.

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